It's very difficult and takes a long time to upgrade a character on your own.
On average, the players spend more than a month to reach level 60.

We'll do this work for you in a relatively short time.
We accept any classes and levels.

How much does it cost?

1-10$10~6 hours
10-20$25~18 hours
20-30$40~1-2 days
30-40$65~2 days
40-50$90~3 days
50-60$110~3-4 days
1-60$340~9-11 days

*ETA and prices on some classes may differ.

We accept Paypal and credit cards.

Most common packages

Levels 1-30 1-40 40-60 1-60
Price $75 $140 $200 $340
ETA 2-3 days 4 days 6-7 days 9-11 days

The system of payment

You do not pay the full amount of money immediately. You pay for every 10 levels of leveling.

For example,
You order powerleveling from 1 to 60 lvl.
Firstly, you make a prepayment from 1 to 10 lvl - $20.
We upgrade a character to lvl 10 and you check. Then you pay for the next stage.

Security of the account

Your character will be safe on your account. Only one person, who will upgrade a character, will have access to it.

We do not use programs, cheats and bots, we upgrade characters by hands,
that means there are no chances to get a ban.
If your account gets banned during leveling, we will do 100% refund.

All gold and items stay on your account.
You will get free 60% mount if you order 1-60 level package.

Every day we will provide you a report on the work done.