Welcome to Fastlvl.com

Greetings. We provide gold, powerleveling services, honor farming and items on Light's Hope Lightbringer server.

The price depends on the amount of gold you buying. More gold - more discount.

How to buy gold?

1) Contact us, we'll ask you the necessary information (such as character's nickname, level and faction), as well as the desired amount of gold.

2) We'll give you information for payment.

3) After the payment you will get gold.

How to pay?

We accept PayPal or bank cards.

How quickly will I receive my gold?

As a rule, from payment to gold delivery goes no more than 20 minutes.

What's the minimum order?

The minimum order is 100 gold.


If you need any items from auction house we can buy them for you. The item's price is equal to the price of gold spent for it.